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West Augustine Community Development Area Map

August 18, 2014

View the complete  City of St. Augustine and West Augustine CRA Water and Sewer Master Plan here:

In addition to the fiscal management of the Kids Safe Zone After School Enrichment Program, The WAHCDC partners with multiple  agencies such as the West Augustine CRA , in order to carry out the goals of the community. Historically,  West Augustine has suffered from social and economic issues that have hampered financial investment and economic development. To address these issues, we are working with the city of St. Augustine, to get centralized sewer service, and with St. Johns County for an overlay district along the economic corridors.

to our neighborhood!



“So really the new frontier is economic development,” said Greg White, President of the West Augustine CRA Steering Committee, who has lived in the area for several decades.

White, Dwala Willis, site coordinator of the Weed & Seed program, and other officials have been working to bring in more commercial development to the area.

“That overlay is another important piece of the puzzle,” Willis said.

Overlay district proposed to spur economic development in West Augustine

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West Augustine Historical Community Development Corp 

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