A N e i g h b o r h o o d   N o n p r o f i t   W i t h   H e a rt 

Homework help is why we started KSZ, and it remains the cornerstone of our program.  Studies show a direct link between successful homework completion and graduation rates. Education is what will lift our children our of poverty. We have kids who were falling behind when they came to us and now they are on the honor roll! Ask any one of their parents or school teachers what they think of our program.



After School Tutorial & Enrichment Program

One on one tutoring is expensive. Families from under served neighborhoods simply can not afford it. KSZ provides this invaluable service at no charge. Assessment  tests are given to each child, so that the areas where they need the most help can be the focus of their one on one time.





When WWII Veteran Cornelius Jones [now deceased] and Vietnam Veteran Greg White  at the  American Legion Post 194 in West St. Augustine, saw a study that advised children's failure to do homework was contributing to the low graduation rates in their neighborhood, they opened their doors to the local children and Kids Safe Zone was born.

It did not take long before they realized that they needed more than volunteers could provide. Federal funding acquired through Weed and Seed allowed them to hire retired educators. The undeniable improvement was noticed by parents and teachers before the next cycle of report cards!

In 2012, the funding expired. Miraculously, the dedicated staff have continued to come to work 5 days a week;  summers too.  WAHCDC was created to be the 501c3 responsible for acquiring the funds needed to operate effectively .  While w have managed to keep our doors open, we are still working on how we are going to pay our staff.   While we also work with community leaders on projects aimed for progress in our town, Kids Safe Zone remains our top priority. 100%  of all donations, fundraising and grant money goes to this program.

To learn more about Kids Safe Zone, please visit us at www.kidssafezone.org.  If you have questions, please contact one of our board members. We would love to hear from you!

Plug In:

In addition to academic success, Kids Safe Zone  provides enrichment activities such as social outings and  life goals.  All of our kids get swimming lessons by certified YMCA instructors. We teach self awareness while  visiting restaurants and museums and tour local colleges to instill an excitement for further education. 

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